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    Need help managing your debt?

    Do you want to stop your foreclosure and keep your home?

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the option for you. Often referred to as the wage earner's plan, Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganizes your debt into a manageable monthly payment plan ranging from three to five years. Any remaining debt is discharged after successful completion of the payment plan. Just like Chapter 7, Chapter 13 instantly stops foreclosure proceedings and creditor harassment, but in addition, it allows you to keep property like your home or car.

    Give Yourself Breathing Room

    A Chapter 13 reorganization plan allows you to avoid junior liens on a principal residence, meaning you don't have to pay back a loan that is lower in priority to other loans. It also allows you to modify child support payments, outstanding taxes, car loans and student loans, by restructuring the debt into payments that you can afford.

    With a monthly payment plan created to fit your budget, you are given the breathing room you need to survive and move forward with your life.

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